2015 was a good year for me. I got a degree; I did a serious amount of travel and photography; I read more, I saw an unprecedented amount of theatre, I watched enough films to write this blog; I fell in love. It was also the year that I moved back in with my mother and for the first time ever found myself without an iron-clad plan for What Happens Next.

Being a recent graduate in London without a clear calling is hard – I struggle with uncertainty at the best of times, and this juncture in life is as undetermined as it gets. When grappling with an uncertain future, it’s pretty easy to forget about those things in life that really are certainties: the things I know I enjoy, and the things I know make me feel good. So on staring into the unchartered void of 2016 I have chosen these three resolutions for the new year:

  1. Play more music.
  2. Keep writing.
  3. Take more pictures.

(And if I can find someone to pay me to do some of them, all the better.)


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